"Nothing Runs Like a Cheetah"
Cheetah Database System

The Cheetah Database System is an open source implementation of the once commercial database product by PlanetSquires Software. Cheetah is an xBase database library intended for programmers. It features Visual FoxPro and dBase III Plus style database and memo tables. Indexes are based on proprietary btree algorithms that allow for extremely small and fast files. Best of all..... IT'S FREE.

Cheetah Database is a great alternative for much more expensive xBase library products. Cheetah is designed from the ground up to be fast without sacrificing ease of use. You will not be disappointed with Cheetah - it is small and fast!

Cheetah uses a generic interface style to a 100% pure standard Windows DLL. There is only one function to call (xdbCheetah). Code wrappers for specific programming languages are easy to create (currently, PowerBASIC and FreeBASIC wrappers exist).

dBASE III Plus database and memo files.
Visual FoxPro database and memo files.
Proprietary dual btree indexes allowing for multiple indexes (Tags) per disk file (note: these indexes are not compatible with dBase/Clipper/FoxPro indexes).

The index routines can be used standalone. That is, you can create indexes and add, delete, seek on keys without ever having to create an associated database. This is very useful if you want Cheetah to only handle the indexing rather than the indexing and database functions. To go further, if you have no intention of using the database functions at all then you have the option to re-compile the DLL to exclude all of the database functions and retain the index functions only. This is accomplished by enabling one equate in the source code (%CHEETAH_INDEX_ONLY)

Package also includes SLL (static linked library) for the PowerBASIC Version 10+ compiler.

Current DLL size:
81K uncompressed (full database and index support)
46K uncompressed (index support only)

The latest Cheetah Database System files can be downloaded from:
CheetahDatabase-0.03.zip (October 11, 2012)

Cheetah Database page on SourceForge

Note: Cheetah is no longer being developed. Check the CVS for the most recent version or use the most recent stable package release.
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